probiotic body & hair care

Our probiotic body & hair care formulations naturally nourish and care for your body’s microbiome. Living enzymes and powerful plant extracts work together to regenerate and revitalize your hair and skin symbiotically.

Organic  haircare

Discover the benefits of our natural products.  we believe in the perfection of nature and are committed  to preserving it with pure, natural products. The results are: healthy hair, natural volume and long-lasting cleanliness.


Sakura hairdressing scissors

sakura hairdressing scissors are forged with the greatest of care and with special attention to shape,  balance, tension, and metal quality. They are designed to help you enjoy your work. That’s why hairdressers love our scissors. 

DunGüd the whole Güd

De belofte van DunGüd is ‘to bring you the Güd, the whole Güd, and nothing but the Güd’. 

De lijn bestaat uit twintig uniseks haarproducten, die allemaal op ethisch verantwoorde wijze in Australië worden gemaakt.

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