Discover the benefits of our natural products.
we believe in the perfection of nature and are committed to preserving it with pure, natural products. The results are: healthy hair, natural volume and long-lasting cleanliness.


sakura hairdressing scissors are forged with the greatest of care and with special attention to shape,  balance, tension, and metal quality. They are designed to help you enjoy your work. That’s why hairdressers love our scissors. 

Natural miniral make-up

At  “Uoga Uoga” we pay a great attention not
only  to effective production of natural cosmetics, but also to how we do it and which exactly
ingredients we use.   Uoga Uoga“ values embrace the whole company‘s culture and touch every member of the team.

Natrual parfums

Walden natural parfums is proud to continue the traditions of high perfumery, before the advent of cheap synthetics, when master perfumers blended the finest natural ingredients into fragrant masterpieces. 

Worlds first shampoo flakes.

When using Marley’s natural shampoo flakes, we reduce CO2-emissions, single use plastic and we only use natural ingredients. For happy hair and a happy planet.

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